Friday, November 01, 2013

Blog 8: Gang Rape in India Continues

The crime against women by men in India has been rapidly increasing with the most frequently occurring crime being rape. In continuance of the publicized September rape case in New Delhi, India, where a gang of men raped a young woman on bus and became the cause of her death. We later learned that the convicted men were sentenced to the death penalty for committing the crime. However, that “example” seems to not have been strong enough to stop the sex crimes in the country. New York times recently reported another rape case that occurred in Mumbai. The victim was a twenty-two year old female photojournalist intern, and the five suspects were poor and jobless men that came from the slums of the city.  The police disclosed that the men had committed at least five rapes in the same spot. Therefore, creating a habit and routine to execute sexual violence. 

The Lancet Global Health Journal published an article on data that they collected in questionnaires about how often and why men are resorting to sexual violence. They discovered that more than one in ten men in the region admitted to forcing sex on a woman who was not their partner and also that over half of the participants said that there motivation was that they were bored and just wanted to have fun.  Crime and poverty usually go hand in hand. The people who are more likely to commit crime do so because they feel as if they have nothing to lose. If you look at society in general, you would find that the rate of crime is much higher in areas that are impoverished and dominated by minorities and people of low-income.


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