Friday, November 01, 2013

Blog 8: "Girls' school in Afghanistan fears for future”

"Girls' school in Afghanistan fears for future”


Regions outside of Kabul in Afganistan are areas that have been in war for decades. US troops are currently in this region. Since the US has been present, some communities have schools for girls for the first time ever. However with troops leaving in 2014, “Villagers worry the Taliban—with its puritanical views towards women—will exert its influence as soon as the U.S. troops pull out, and their school could be closed, or worse, attacked”. The US millitary is pulling out around the same time that the Taliban is planning a comeback. There have already been a lot of attacks on the schools from the Taliban. They have used forces like bombs, gas attacks, and contimination of drinking water. There is a fear in the communities that tactics like this will be used and the schools will be shut down.


Like many countries Afganistan is struggling to send all of their children to school. However, this issue deals greatly with inequality in Afganistan. Women have few rights here and it is based solely on their sex. In this patriarcal society, this will be the first generation of educated Afgan women. The Taliban wants women to remain uneducated so they are inferior to them. Education gives one a sense of power. It is very unfortunate that women are not given the same oppurtunities and must remain in fear for attending school. The girls are very eager to learn and are very intelligent. When looking at human capital, there is the belief that investments in knowledfe make workers more productive. This society may greatly benefit if women were given the change to be educated.

Kasey Marshall


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