Friday, November 01, 2013

Blog 8: Israel attacks

A large explosion took place this week at a Syrian missile base near the Mediterranean coast. They claim that Israel is responsible for the attack but the Israeli government has declined to comment. If Israel is found to be responsible for the explosion at the Syrian missile base, it would be the fifth attack since January. Israel denies any responsibility for the attacks, but still warns that if air defense systems are delivered to Hezbollah, that they will take action. Over the past year, Israel has increased the amount of flights over Lebanon because they are concerned that Hezbollah is trying to gain additional advanced weapons. Israel was made aware of Hezbollah’s attempts to gain new weapons by the United Nations diplomatic sources.  When Israel flies over Lebanon, it is a breach of international law and is regularly protested by the United Nations and the Lebanese government; however, Israel says that the flights are necessary until Hezbollah is no longer a threat.

This conflict is part of the arms race. The arms race is where countries compete with each other by acquiring or inventing new weapons that are stronger/ more deadly than any of the weapons that other countries have. The United Nations tries to control dangerous interactions between countries. Israel feels that flying over Lebanon will keep Hezbollah from obtaining new weapons and competing in the arms race. Israel and Hezbollah have had previous conflicts and if Hezbollah receives greater weapons, the conflict may escalate.

Ashley Moore
11:40 am

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