Friday, November 01, 2013

Blog #8: Israeli war planes hit shipment of Russian missiles in Syria

Since the civil war in Syria began, Israel has been attempting to stay neutral. Although they are trying to avoid choosing a side, they have struck missiles located in Syria twice this year. The first attack was in January, Israeli conducted an airstrike on a shipment of advanced anti-aircraft missiles. The second attack occurred in May destroying a shipment of Iranian made missiles. It is unclear whether or not the Syrian leader will choose to retaliate; they have not taken action so far.  The fear of embarrassing Assad has kept Israel from officially declaring their actions. President Assad goal is to avoid international military action. Meanwhile, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has to decide the best way to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapon supply by November 15.
This war has gotten to a level that could affect more than just those involved. Syria’s supply of weapons of mass destruction or WMD has changed the rules.  The civil war has progressed into a total war; if it continues it will soon escalate into a cold war. Due to the threat of chemical weapons, the U.S. may be forced to get more involved as well as other countries.  Although Israel has destroyed two shipments of weapons, there may be more out there that we are unaware of. Also, if they are supplied with chemical weapons, there is a strong possibility that they may have biological weapons as well. With innocent people at risk, it is becoming hard to continue being neutral.
Gabrielle Hill

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