Friday, November 01, 2013

Blog 8: Raise Higher Education Standard in India

President Pranab Mukherjee has voiced concerns about the current standards of education in India, concern that comes from none of India's schools being up to the standards of any of the top universities around the world. The President believes that his country should improve the quality of education and using advancing technology in order to achieve this goal (Raise Higher Education). He also said that there should be a focus on moving toward entrepreneurship. He stresses his belief that the future lies in being able to create jobs as well and to employ the young minds of today's age in order to make a difference. He firmly believes that a school from India should rank in the top 200 universities around the world because of the talented population and the bright minds of those currently in school. He seeks to push for more classes that teach entrepreneurship and to keep up with growing technology.

This is not the first country, nor will it be the last, that is aiming to make their country better, particularly in regards to education. However, India is different because of their reasoning. The President wants a school to rank in the top 200 universities around the world. Other countries want to better their country’s economy or bring about equality through the means of education. There is also a stressing of entrepreneurship, where students will graduate and hopefully be able to create their own businesses. This is turn could help boost the economy, although that is not the intended goal. India is also trying to keep up with today’s modern technology, like others around the world, because falling behind makes it difficult for a country to be successful. This is a country that wants to be seen as powerful through education and accomplishment.

Tara Cook
November 1, 2013
4:32 p.m.

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