Friday, November 01, 2013

Blog 8

In Nairobi, Kenya hundreds of Kenyans rallied and marched demanding justice for “Liz” a 16 year old teenage girl who was allegedly ganged raped and beaten to death. Liz was walking home from her grandfather’s funeral in the northwestern town of Busia when the six alleged boys attacked her leaving her in a dumpster bloody with broken bones. The only reason she was found was because neighbors heard cries of help and pulled her out of a latrine. She was able to identify three out of the six alleged attackers where a mob of angry neighbors hauled them to the local police station. What caused the extra full to the fire was the suspects were ordered to cut the grass in the yard of the police station and set free. The whereabouts of the suspect became unknown once leaving the police station but Kenyan police chief said an investigation is under way.

The word on this attack came in October nearly three months after it occurred when one the doctors outraged by the innocent called a journalist who worked at Daily Nation newspaper. Liz has been in and out the hospital since June and is currently wheelchair bound. This innocent caused a huge outrage but it was well worth it. Not only with me being a woman is it always a fear walking alone due to something like this. The fact that this can happen and the suspects only have to mow some grass is crazy. It is nice to see that the Kenyan people are coming together to support this tragedy.
Natalia Alexander

Karimi, F., & Muhwezi, S. (2013, November 1). Kenyans protest after suspects in teen's gang rape sentenced to cut grass. CNN. Retrieved November 1, 2013, from

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