Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Blog 9 "Food Supplies affected by Climate Change"

Climate change is estimated to shorten food supplies by 2 percent every decade. With our rising population estimated to be about 9.6 billion in 2050, will be affected by the food shortage. Food prices will sky rocket and so will the gasoline.  The wealthy class will not be hurt, but the poor will suffer dramatic impacts and starvation will be in even greater numbers. “If the report proves to be correct about the effect on crops from climate change, global food demand might have to be met — if it can be met — by putting new land into production. That could entail chopping down large areas of forest, an action that would only accelerate climate change by sending substantial amounts of carbon dioxide into the air from the destruction of trees.” Humans have created too many activities contributing to increase climate change, as simply as burning woods for fire is already an influence.
There have been efforts in addressing this issue of Climate Change, but these efforts are not effective in solving the issue. Scientists also says “it is not too late for cuts in emissions to have a strong impact on the future risks of climate change,” They are sure with the cuts in emissions will slow climate change and positive effects will be seen.
Car is the main transportation in the United States and also the leading caused in climate change.  To stop or lower car emissions, serious enforcement must be made by the government. Almost every individual in the Unites States have a car, it can be very difficult to prevent them from using it. Determining to lower car emission will also draw some serious effect to the economy. Cooperation’s or business will be impacted, the actions to solve climate change will have to be carefully considered.  

Mailee vue
November 5,2013

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