Friday, November 08, 2013

Blog 9: Israel

Growing numbers of people are being killed, tortured, maimed, and imprisoned in Israel. Israel has been getting away with daily war crimes because the world leaders, who should act, do nothing. Children in this area are losing their innocence and are enduring daily harshness. Families are being terrorized and children are being treated like adults. On Thursday, Israeli tanks, armored personnel carriers and soldiers invaded Gaza. These kinds of attacks occur often and for no specific reason at all. Innocent lives are being taken. Palestinians live in a virtual war zone.

War crimes are being committed pretty much every day and Israel and no one does anything about it. Innocent civilians are often caught in an endless cycle of terror and anti-terror crackdowns. These small-scale conflicts that are occurring in Israel and Palestine are creating new problems for global order. Institutions like the United Nations have the power to go into Israel and stop the random attacks but they do not. This causes global conflict because no one knows why Israel is able to get away with such acts of war with no punishment or consequence.

Ashley Moore
Blog 9
12:03 pm

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