Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog #9 Rape victims in Kenya

Rap Victims in Kenya

            The social problem of rape has begun to steadily increase. What seems to be the issue is that it has not being properly reported and many are not tried or punished. A 16-year-old girl was recently raped by a gang and then thrown into a pit. She is now in a wheel chair. Many crimes similar to this are not punished and many times the men are left to go free and untried. 1.4 million people in Kenya have signed a petition to have these men tried and persecuted for their crime. This is a big move on the citizen’s part to raise awareness for this injustice. The subjects of the crime were actually freed by the police of Kenya. The statistics seems to be that one out of every six girls in Kenya will experience some sort of sexual assault in their lifetime. Women leaders are saying that the fact that this crime goes unpunished and unconvinced puts the public in danger, the ones that are suppose to serve and protect obviously are not doing their job. One positive thing is that the inspector general of seems to be in favor of the men who committed this crime being convicted. Hopefully we shall see justice done.
            One of the interesting questions that arises when studying this report is why do the police not convict men of this crime? Obviously the men were not innocent, but the protection of women is not taken seriously in Kenya. If 3,000 rapes occur in Kenya and only 11 are reported this is putting women in such danger. When women are abused, just like this young girl, they are effected physiologically, psychologically and emotionally sometimes for the rest of their lives if they do not receive adequate care. Many times the women do not receive adequate rehabilitation services. What is the outcome? -- A population of mothers and women who cannot contribute to society with minds and bodies. They cannot invest into the next generation, so children are left in poverty and disease. Because this society has not chosen to make protecting women a priority they will pay the consequences of it in almost every aspect of living. If justice is not taken now and it is normal for those who commit crimes as these to not be punished, nothing will keep it from reoccurring. Thankfully citizens are seeing the need for change and signing a petition. The reason the police are not taking action is probably due to some sort of exploitation within the police system itself.

Anna Jacobsen
November 11, 2013

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