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Health Promotion through Education Project

Health Promotion through Education Project

Turkey has come up with an idea that will promote health through education. They want to improve and to step the circumstances that cause diabetes in many of the patients. Also they are educating the patients that deal with asthma, and have a way to have rehabilitation provided to them. The whole education project if fully professional and officially qualified through the WVP; which is the working visits program. This was a project that has been donated by the European lifelong learning programs me. This highly involved institution it has actually donated as many as seventeen projects. There has been much training that has been provided to thirteen countries, that was chosen by the European Centre for development that is the (CEDEFOP) and also the Turkish National Agency. With the entire project it has been labeled as a revolution of change, because there has been a huge change that has never happened before one of the directions of the training and reason Haspil Salin Gures stated “for a healthy society, and effective, assemble and quality health care system was a must in giving health promotion (
In the promotion and health there idea to improve their idea is to improve the preventions on the effects diabetes has on the people. They are really looking down on the importance, as well promoting everywhere to the people that come in contact with the hospital such as the patients, staff, and the whole community. The main goal of the whole health promotion is to higher the level in the physical activities, and gives information on alternating situations to the clients that may be obese. Someone that is going through breast cancer, and may, and many more. They already have a system this is put in place to promote. They have decided that they will hold health conferences that will focus on organ donations. This has been the season time around that they have afforded. They want to make sure that everyone is on the right track so that the community can be healthy and they will know the right way to be healthy.        
I am glad that Turkey has implemented a health promotion through education. One thing that I know is that some people wants help, but they don’t know how to get it. They want to prevent different issues that are facing. In general the health of society is at a down fall. One thing that I have personally has heard is that it is never too late to be educated and learn. With them promoting the health program. They are providing it to everyone. Not a certain age or range. Education is very important. People that might have had a health problem can become educated and get over the issues they have been facing. There can be a change due to the education that was received. Also they can help people that might have family diabetes or cancer. Health issue could be prevented before it starts. The one thing that they are turning to push is the promoting aspects. They want more than the clients, but he community. The people that are at risk. Those are the one that to be drawn down into the equation of health that they are providing. They have a goal and they are going towards it. This basically can be seen as a limited offer that can change someone’s life forever. With all the health promotions being done. This shows you how much they care about the community. They might not have everything, but they will offer education which is as legal right.

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