Sunday, November 17, 2013

Relief Supplies Pour Into Philippines, but Remote Areas Still Suffer Blog #10

As I have watched on the news, social media and any other means of communication, I have saw the numbers of deaths in the Philippines rise by the thousands each day but because of poor infrastructure, people are dying of hunger. It is not that relief effort are not there because the US have given twenty million dollars, sent troops and set up a solid relief effort but the typhoon along with the earthquake two months earlier has made it almost impossible to deliver the supplies. Not to use this as some type of comparison to our infrastructure but in order to get these supplies, US helicopters flew 77 stories to deliver them but this was similar to Hurricane Katrina with us. But as I wrote in earlier blogs, the government corruption has to be mentioned because the monies that were taken were supposed to be used for the construction of roads and highways. This alone would have helped and maybe the numbers of death, injured or displaced would have been much lower and since the corruption was so widespread, it would make you wonder who is handling the funds necessary to rebuild  the hardest hit areas. If the US took control of the airports and delegated what and where relief efforts are disbursed, maybe they should have the ambassadors to work with the natives to establish some type of infrastructure that would consistently withstand natural disasters and any other problems that may arise. As with Hurricane Katrina or the floods in Colorado, we still were dependent of others but even in the most underdeveloped parts of the USA, we still have a strong enough infrastructure to recover. Keep the people of the Philippines in your prayers.

Sean Odom
7:15 p.m.

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