Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Wombs for Rent: India's Surrogate Mother Boomtown

Olivia Simpson
SOC 202
1:26 pm

Surrogacy in India is a huge business these days, thanks to the low cost of the procedure, availability of surrogates, and the fact that India is one of the few countries in the world that allows commercial surrogacy. The number of skilled doctors has made India popular for couples seeking someone to carry their baby for them.  Each surrogate mother earns around $8,000 a baby. For the surrogate mothers, this kind of money enables them to change the life for their husbands, their children, get a house, and educate their children. India has now taken steps to regulate the industry. It's banned foreign same-sex couples and single parents from hiring surrogates. A new proposal would require mothers be aged between 21 and 35. Critics call India's surrogacy clinics baby-making factories saying "Commercialization has led to a lot of financial exploitation of these women" making it like "an organ sale." Many local Indians look down on the process as well but the surrogates and families invloved appreciate the opportunities.

I think that this program is a good way of helping out families who can't conceive while helping poor families in India. I don't see any harm in this practice as long as the surrogate mothers are treated well and have given consent to carry. Results are that a family is given a child of their own and another family is payed for their services.

By Kevin Voigt -CNN


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