Friday, February 06, 2015

Blog # 1: Man Raped Women in Sleep Study

Authorities say a 54 year old man, named, Hideyuki Noguchi lured women by telling them they would participate in a sleep study in Japan in order to drug, rape, and film them. Noguchi told police he set an ad in the local newspaper advertising as a medical doctor needing women from teenagers to women in their 40's to participate in a sleep study.  He also put in the ad that he would pay them for their time. A woman saw herself in a video online and reported to the police. The police charged Noguchi with incapacitated rape. Noguchi confessed that there are approximately 100 victims in all, but the police has only confirmed 39 victims so far. Noguchi would give the victims sleeping medication and alcohol in order to gain control. He would film himself attacking the victims and later sell them to pornographic film makers. It is estimated that Noguchi earned close to $100,000 for his films. The Japan conviction rate is 99% and if Noguchi is found guilty he will serve up to 30 years.

This guy deserves the maximum sentence for violating these women. 30 years in my opinion is not enough. Hopefully more women will come forward so this guy can be rot in prison. What is interesting is, this story reminds me of some of the rape cases here in the United States. We often hear about how women are lured in and only to be raped later. Another interesting point is the involvement by the police, how they are taking this case seriously, and they high conviction rate. The reason for the similarities, is probably because Japan is an industrial nation where they have more equality and resources in comparison to other nations in the world.

Victoria McCollum 

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