Friday, February 06, 2015

Blog 1: Women Run 30 percent of All Businesses, but Only 5 percent of the Biggest

In Europe, women own or manage over 30 percent of all businesses and only up to 5 percent of enterprises. They are taking new actions to promote women’s equality in management because without it, it would take 100-200 years. A report was done by the Bureau for Employer’s Activities. It was done on 108 countries. There were surveys given to over 1,200 companies in Africa, Asia-Pacific region, Eastern and Central Europe and the Latin-America Caribbean regions. Based on the report, women joining the labor face was a huge part of global growth, but it will still take a while to reach that equality in businesses. The report concluded that the larger the business, the less likely the owner is a woman. The report also states that the country who has the highest amount of women as managers is Jamaica, at 59.3 percent. The United Sates has about 42.7 percent and is ranked number 15. The highest-ranking country in Latin-America is Colombia with 53.1 percent and in Asia it is the Philippines which has 47.6 percent.


The fact that we are in the 21st century and only 30 percent of businesses in Europe are owned by women is a little disappointing for me. Obviously, men are still the dominant gender in the labor force but I expected the percentage for Europe to be higher. The article did not specify what actions are being taken to promote women’s parity, but it is great that Europe is trying while some areas still diminish the idea of women working or being successful.

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