Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog #2 Child Migration decreases, Violence Persists

This article by Ian Gordon addresses a prediction of reduced immigration rates in the current predicted year. The Washington Office on Latin America predicts that child migration rates will decrease 39% and that familial migration rates will drop 16%. However great of a reduction predictions are this will be the second largest influx of child migrants. Researchers accredit this reduction to increased enforcement of border patrol, perhaps the biggest contributor is the shutdown of access to a train called “La Bestia” or The Beast, it runs from the southern border of Mexico up to the US. The article is clear in defining the issue not necessarily of one that pertains to the US/Mexico border but largely to Mexico’s southern border, connecting with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The political turmoil seen spewing from these countries raises the question as to whether Mexico is honoring a perhaps necessary humanitarian effort to these possible refugees. The US has proposed a billion dollar aid relief program to what is considered the “Northern Triangle,” Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and have created new detention facilities throughout southern Texas, however this doesn't stop the tens of thousands of children who will flee their home country in escape of violence of violence and poverty. The 1,500 mile journey itself is dangerous and expensive and part of a bigger problem. I question what amount of danger would force a child to embark on a comparatively dangerous journey, to reach your destination and be turned around. Truly there is immigration that is not an attempt to leave a dangerous situation, but still I question why? We have made huge and somewhat successful attempts to decrease immigration but are we considering our humanitarian obligation as a world power source? 

February 13, 2015

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