Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog # 2 Girlguiding launches badge for global gender equality

In the United Kingdom campaigns have been created to spread the knowledge of inequality between the sexes to young girls from the ages of 10-14. Girlguiding is a campaign that has been in the UK for quite some time and is passing out ‘Breaking Barriers’ badges to girls who are taking the time to learn about important concepts affecting females now. Topics being discussed with the children have changed based off of what is going on in society and topics currently being discussed include forced marriage, poor health care, and gender inequality. Girls who are seeking to earn their badges are coming to the realization that males and females are not as equal in society as they may appear at the first glance. 

Girlguiding is a feminist group but the only difference between the Girlguiding campaign and feminist is they seek out younger girls to inform them on what is really going on in society. This group is important because informing girls at young ages about the limitations females are facing allows them to prepare before they have to really face these barriers. As a female myself, I was not aware of the inequality in the United States of America until my perception of myself was already formed. I have the mindset that society wants me to have, such as pursing a female career not doing things because I do not want to seem masculine. Because this group is informing girls at younger ages they have the ability to truly do what they want to do which is one of the goals of the Girlguiding, letting them know that they should have the same opportunities as males. Females are steered away from math and other male dominated subjects and by being informed at a younger age they can realize what is going on and steer themselves on the path they want to be. The only problem I find with this campaign, and many campaigns out there with a feminist approach, is they are excluded males from learning about the differences there are. Females beginning to understand the limitations women are facing around the world is only a part of the solution, without the males understanding this concept as well we are still going to be facing the inequality. 

Karen Bent
February 13, 2015
5:14 PM

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