Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog 2: "Inequality for women in sudan"

Nardos Debru
Blog 2

In the week of February 8, 2015 there have been multiple reports of women and young girls being raped by Sudanese soldiers. So far there has been a total of 200 reports. Additionally, there have been government "attacks" on civilians for no apparent reason. From the article it is safe to conclude that the Sudanese government takes advantage of their power. Civilians in Sudan are not safe as far as resources, everything can be stripped from them in the blink of an eye. Women and young girls especially, have an even bigger disadvantage; they are seen a weak and thus used for sexual favors. There are two different types of inequalities displayed here; gender inequality and political inequality. The political inequalities displayed are toward the Sudanese community as a whole, it is as if civilians do not have a say in anything, so it must be a dictatorship. Although this is a horrible attribute to have as a country, it is even worse for the female gender. It is clear that Sudan is a patriarchal country where the men are the bread winners and the women stay at home and take care of the children. There is nothing wrong with just this idea, but when you combine it with depreciation of the female gender and taking advantage of them, it becomes a huge problem for society as a whole. So far, the Sudanese government denies any allegations of these ongoing incidents, and have not been punished in any way. My hope is that the people of Sudan find a balance as to where the power for the government stops.

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