Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog #2: ISIS Attacks U.S. Base

ISIS forces launched an attack on a base where U.S. forces were stationed, but they were gunned down by the Iraqi soldier that were guarding the facility. The attackers were dressed up in Iraqi soldier uniforms and were able to breach the perimeter with by using five suicide bombers. The base they attacked was actually being used by U.S. troops to train Iraqi soldiers to combat the surrounding ISIS forces. This was actually the first ISIS attack when they were not successful at all in the effort to acquire new ground. After the attack, U.S. aircraft were called in and launched five airstrikes in the areas surrounding the base to make sure that there would be no more attacks in the near future.


I feel like this is a bold yet desperate move by ISIS. A head on assault to a heavily guarded military base does not seem like the smartest move and is somewhat uncharacteristic of the extremist group. It seems like they are being shook up by the onslaught of attacks by their enemies and are not fully thinking through their plans of attack. These sloppy tactics could possibly be hinting to ISIS struggling or hinting to the fact that they are realizing that they cannot win with brute force or fire power and that in order for them to have a little chance to continue their efforts, they have to use an element of surprise.

Jordan Hagens

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