Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blog #2- 'Nisman's death being used to attack government'- Timerman


The death of Alberto Nisman is being used to attack the government according to foreign minister Hector Timerman in an interview wit the Washington Post. Timerman, like many others, have rejected Nisman's accusation of covering up Iran's involvement in the 1994 Jewish community centre attack. he expresses, " I don't have to prove my history. It is there for you to look at. I don't need to prove that I support the defense of human rights. The same with my government. So it is ridiculous to think I put forward a deal, an economic deal, to forget about the case." He was also asked if there was any possibility in receiving help from the US to solve the death of Nisman. He responded by saying, " ...There is a problem sometimes with the United States. The United States thinks that they can have a solution to every problem in every country of the world....I don't believe the FBI has the key to solve every problem all over the world." The ambassador, Nahon, says that any claims that the government was involved with covering up the terrorist attack is baseless. She states that "the fight against international terrorism and impunity has been a pillar of the governments of both President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner as well as the former president Nestor Kircher's."She also said that the goal of the judicial cooperation was to sign an agreement with Iran allowing for Argentine judge to question any accusation in Tehran.


I am actually not surprised that they are attacking the government of Argentina with the death of Nisman. In fact I would admit that when I heard about this new the first thing that came to my mind was that the government had something to do with it and still do. I find that the response that Timerman and Nahon gave was a bit in the aggressive side to give it a word and somewhat not appropriate. I don't see why Timerman had to go on about how he felt towards the FBI instead it gave the sense that he had something against the United States? Like many other Latin American country, I'm sure that Argentina has problem with Mafia or corruption from the government. I wouldn't be surprise if this is just one of those cases that you hear in places like Mexico for instance.

Alexandra Palma


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