Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog #2 students sprayed with pepper spray at protest

A seemingly routine speech given by Australian education minister, Christopher Pyne at Sydney's Masonic centre in Goulburn street turned into a violent  outing as students were sprayed in the face and forcibly removed.  Pyne was speaking about the government's response to a report by the educational ministerial advisory group on teacher education.  The students on the other hand, we're protesting against the governments higher education reforms.  The article states that the trouble began when protestors saw Pyne walking inside the building on the way to give his speech.  When the protestors rushed to the door, there were about 10 police officers on hand to repel the students, but not before an officer had already sprayed some of them.  Officers used the mace straight on people's faces, even a blind student.

SMH. I could of swore we lived in a country with the freedom of speech? Am I living somewhere else? It's just so astounding.  There is no way that the students could have posed any threat to anyone, and yet the pepper spray was used.  The blind student discussed in the article claimed that the feeling was much worse than a 7.5 earthquake.  It's interesting that once again officers are abusing their authority and power and simply getting away with it.  It's truly sad. It even states that the NSW police had been contacted for comment, and they declined to comment.  So, just like that.. We get no explanation, no apology, nothing. GOD BLESS!

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