Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog #3: Brutal ISIS Videos Show Potency of Shock Value

Many gruesome videos have been going viral of the brutal, disgusting killings by ISIS. It is believed that they do the gruesome killings on video tape in hopes of frightening everyone, and even to broadcast themselves as brutal killers. Although there are far more threatening violence going on, everyone is focused on ISIS because of the brutal videos they are putting out to the public. The other threats rarely ever put out videos for the public. A man by the name of Ahmad, who is 39, told reporters that "it's like action movies." He is an employee at the Damascus Opera House which is located in Syrian's capital. He then continued to request to only be named by his first name, for safety purposes of course. Ahmad continued to report that the attacks were to "win the prestige of horror." After the graphic killing videos, the United States, Jordan, and even Egypt answered with airstrikes. Egypt claimed that they struck Libya, which was where the Egyptian Copts were brutally murdered. ISIS is drawing in reactions, while more dominant crimes, such as the slaughter of the 200,000 Syrians, are going unnoticed. Since ISIS is beginning to become extremely famous and popular it is causing other followers to launch their own "lone-wolf" attacks. It is gaining so much attention because the "shock videos" actually do draw a lot of attention to the attacks. Even though in Saudi Arabia, their method of punishment is beheading, it doesn't get advertised to everyone in the public. The actual "high-profile killings" are not defined as war in themselves, it is classified after the drone attacks, the carpet bombings, and the people breaking out in rage. It has a "Hollywood production values" in the killings themselves. The videos are seeking and hoping to play on the public's emotional and propaganda values.
Hanna Stone

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