Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blog #3 Young Vietnamese Clean Up Environment

There is a Vietnamese tradition that before the Lunar New Year, you release three fish. The problem with this in Vietnam was that the people were not only releasing the fish, but they were also releasing the plastic bags that the fish came in. This was causing major water pollution and harming the fish as well as the people. Young Vietnamese citizens have taken on the task of trying to inform people of the impact that their actions have on the environment. They call themselves "The Carp Team" and they stood along the Long Bien Bridge trying to warn people not to throw their plastic bags into the river. They've also done work on attempting to lessen air pollution in Vietnam, which is a major issue. Vietnam's rapidly industrializing economy has contributed to a large increase in pollution in the nation.

The fact that there is a group of people in Vietnam attempting to help save the planet is excellent news. There should be people everywhere warning others of what their careless decisions are doing to the environment that we live in. Many people will become offended if you tell them that they need to change what their doing in order to keep from killing the planet, but it's important that they know because we all have to live here. Humans, plants, and animals are all effected by the pollution that we are putting into the air, ground, and water. We need to make some changes before we make our world uninhabitable.

Sara Idol
Feb 19, 9:42am

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