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AIDS Is No. 1 Killer of Adolescents in Africa, Programs Must Start Targeting Their Needs: Health Groups

       According to Global Health organizations AIDS is the leading cause of death in Africa. Recently, a couple of years ago, a 16 years old girl in Africa, found out she contracted AIDS and she was also pregnant. The girl stated she didn’t know how she could have contacted the disease. The girl’s mother had dead years earlier when she was just six from AIDS also. AIDS is also the 2nd leading cause of adolescent’s death globally but its most seen in Africa and areas close to Africa. Among the adolescents the girls are most often the majority of the ones who contract AIDS as compared to boys in Africa. For example the article stated how in South Africa in 2013, more than 860 girls became infected with HIV every week, compared to 170 boys. The reasons why they think that Africa is the number one cause in adolescent death related to AIDS is mostly because of Africa’s social economic factors. Those factors include, that in Africa girls are involved in sexual activity at younger ages, most girls are sexually abused or raped at young ages, they are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation, they girls are least likely to get tested, and because of the lack of availability to proper health care.

       After reading this article I wasn’t too surprised that Africa was number one for AIDS related death in adolescents, but I was surprised that adolescent death related to AIDS was the 2nd leading cause of death in adolescents globally. I thought that the risk of deaths relating to AIDS had decline globally in the last few years. I feel that the many reasons its so many adolescent death s from AIDS around the world is because of their economic situation within their country. I especially feel that is the cause of Africa’s situation of deaths due to AIDS, because Africa has many economic problems. For example Africa has many dangers involving young and adolescent girls and also Africa has a really bad health system that’s been that way for years.
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