Friday, February 20, 2015

Blog 3 1st Quick Test for Ebola

ReEBOV Quick Test

There has been an international effort to eradicate the social problem Ebola all over the world especially in Sierra, Leone, Liberia, and Guinea.  The first quick test was discovered for Ebola and should be helpful tool for the process to eradicate Ebola. The World Health Organization approved the  quick test today. The quick test cuts out a lot of time it takes to recover results concerning if someone is infected or not infected with Ebola, and the test is reasonably accurate.
The ReEBOV Antigen rapid test kit (quick test) was created in Colorado (emphasize importance of globalization). The test have a sufficient quality, safety, and quality of performance. The quick test is now available to be purchased and distributed around the world to aids, hospital, and etc. The quick test process consist of dropping blood on a strip and putting it in a test tube to witness a reaction that detects the Ebola protein.
Dr. Bruce said “ I wouldn't say it’s a game changer”. The test found 92 percent of the patients  infected with Ebola.  Dr.Bruce probably said this statement because the ReEBOV test is not as accurate compared to the PCR test being used before the quicktest was discovered.  The ReEBOV test requires a back up test due to it’s level of accuracy because it’s a chance the ReEBOV test will not detect Ebola. The PCR test was done in a special lab and took 12 to 24 hours. The ReEBOV test takes 15 minutes  and is easier to use. The first quick test is way faster than the previous techniques used to detect Ebola, and is one of the first step stones to eradicating Ebola.

Analyze: Globalization assisted in a step to ease the process of detecting Ebola. The quick test will allow medical staff to react faster to the Ebola disease. This quick test could possibly play a role in eradicating Ebola, The quick test is a phenomenal discovery because the social problem Ebola has killed over 9,300 people.

February 20, 2015
Ebony Barr, Health and disease

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