Thursday, February 05, 2015

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Health and Diseases

                It seems like the cases in West Africa are back on the climb in the case of Ebola. It had seem to be on the slow down near the end of the year last year. It has just recently started to spike within the past few days. There are now two Ebola trial vaccines in Liberia’s capital trying to get the numbers to start back coming down. The World Health Organization states that Ebola has now claimed almost 9,000 lives. By starting the vaccines in Liberia’s capital they are trying to stop the disease from claiming more lives. The WHO does not want another epidemic on their hands right now.


                My observation of all of this is if we have cured people here in the United States why is it that we have not sent the vaccines to the other countries to help them out. The WHO is trying to stop this from spreading and we have a vaccine or at least some people who have beat it why is it so hard for people to get along and share information. This disease is killing women, kids, and men alike. I have a feeling that we are hiding information from them until they come to us asking questions.  Or even asking us for help. Or even to take it up a notch, to pay us money for the vaccines. This is disease has taken 9,000 lives and has hospitalized almost 60% of the population has been hospitalized with the disease. Even though that is a small number compared to the world it is now a social problem because it is effecting the part of the world that cannot obtain the money, nor the resources to stop it from happening to them. While other parts of the world can pay and has the knowledge of it.

 10:17 PM 02/05/2015

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