Friday, February 06, 2015

Blog Post #1 ISIS Burns Pilot

For this week, I decided to focus on the execution of a Jordan pilot by the militant group known as ISIS in the Middle East. The Jordanian pilot was captured on December 23rd while participating in bombing runs against ISIS and was held until his brutal execution in which he was placed in a cage and then set on fire. The execution was filmed and, according to the New York Times, heavily produced with the intention of using the film as a piece of propaganda.

However, the execution may have had the unintended effect of uniting the region against ISIS which is significant given the amount of regional disagreement that exists surrounding the actions of most religion militant groups in the area. As the New York Times notes, almost every atrocity which has occurred in the region has had apologists even if it was widely detracted. However, this particular atrocity has been condemned by a variety of Middle Eastern governments including Syria and Turkey. In addition, even other militant groups such as Al Qaeda denounced the execution as inhumane.

Jordan's president had two terrorists linked to ISIS executed in retaliation and it appears that ISIS may be creating more enemies as a result of its methods. However, organizations involved in human rights protection are concerned that regional unity against ISIS is obscuring the negative actions of regional governments such as Syria's attacks on civilians.

Ashley Ryzdfski
10:29pm 2-6-15

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