Friday, February 06, 2015

Boko Haram
Boko Haram has been a major threat to Nigeria since 2009. The group seeks to enshrine the Islamic Shrine law into the Nigerian constitution and create an Islamic state. A militant group lead by Boko Haram killed 12 people as government forces resist multiple attack in Maiduguri city. There was also an attack lead by Boko Haram in which a suicide bomber killed three people and a soldier at a military checkpoint. Boko Haram has done a lot of killing since 2009. Activities of Boko Haram are on the rise. More than 130,000 have been killed and over a million have been left homeless.

This fight is over religious power and what power is going to be in control in Nigeria. Religion has a tremendous power to fuel violence. One religion always wants to be the supreme religion and will go to any measure to establish their superior even if it means killing innocent people. Boko Harams is attempting to subject the one that doesn’t want to practice Islamic even to killing and leaving them homeless. This is an account of an attempt to subject or exterminate another that seen as threatening or inferior. Religion plays a key factor in the attack because it is use to provide justification for these acts. The struggle that Boko Haram is having; is to implement the Islamic Shrine law into the constitution. This is a common struggle outside the U.S. It’s becoming a global problems because they are targeting reporter and visiting people.
Tempris McCollum

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