Friday, February 13, 2015

In New Delhi India a Christian school was vandalized making it the sixth Christian run organization  since November to be attacked. The article talked about how Christainity is the third largest religious group  in the country trailing behind Hinduism and Islam. A man named Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that this issue is a tragedy and will be investigated once he is appointed to Cheif Minister This coming Saturday. Than the article referred back to the speech given by President Obama about how the violence within India is caused by the diversity among the top religions in the nation. The story closes with a look at the constitution of India manly the part about religious freedom. 

The Christian community of New Delhi is the low religious group on the hierarchy of faiths in India. Those of New Delhi community that do not share in the belief of the Christian community are trying to run them out of the community. However, due to the constitution of India everyone has equal rights and freedom of religion But it also states that yes you have freedom of religion by the government but it is the duty of of every citizen to ensure not only their own rights but also the rights of others.

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