Friday, February 20, 2015

Nardos Debru



Blog 3: Fears Persist That Violence Against Albinos in Tanzania Will Grow

Lately there has been an increasing amount of violence on albino people, this including the most recent case of the grueling death of a one year old boy who was taken from his home and found days later with his arms and legs removed. This incident occurred in Tanzania, like most of the other cases. In Tanzania  and surrounding south african countries, albinos are seen as outcasts and are not accepted. In some areas, people use their body parts for witch craft, so this puts them at high risk. Witch doctors are willing to go as far as paying a fortune for the body parts of these innocent people living with albinism. Albinism is not a disease or a contagious virus, but a simple pigmentation deficiency in the eyes, hair and skin, causing a more pale color in these compartments.

This is an obvious for of inequality, basically racism. I think that it is extremely unfair for albonese people to experience this discrimination. Of course discrimination is never acceptable but in this day in age, people should not be so ignorant to the peers in their community. Albinism is seen as some sort of deadly virus, people fail to realize that these people are just like everyone else. I am even more appalled about the large use of witchcraft in Tanzania. I think that the government should uphold some laws to ban the use of witchcraft if it requires killing people, innocent people for it. There is an obvious lack of morals here, helpless kids are being killed and it is all because of an uncontrollable genetic deficiency.

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