Thursday, February 19, 2015

Suicide Attack Kills 38 Boko Haram threatens Nigeria votes

Two suicide attacks killed 38 people in northeast Nigeria six weeks before election as the leader of Boko Haram Ababakar Shekakau vow to stop the election.

There has been a wave of attacks against Cameroon, Chad and Niger blame on the rebel. Boko Haram leader Abubakar release a new video about the election stated “This election will not be held even if we were dead”. Speaking against Shekakau threat Niger’s president Mahamadou Issoufou vowed that they would put an end to the insurgency that has killed over 13,000 people. He told the cheering crowd in the capital of Nigeria’s Borno “Niger will be the death of Boko Haram.”

Boko Haram has been proven resilient and expert wonders if they can be over powered in a short term. In Nigeria’s Borno three assailants in motorized rishaw detonated explosives at a check point at Yamarkum village. The suicide bomber killed 36 people and injured 20, most of the victims were vendors and beggars that usually are at the check point. Boko Haram tried repeatedly to seize Biu, from the state capital Maiduguri, but was stopped by troops and local vigilantes. In Yobe state a bomber blew himself up inside a popular restaurant in northern Nigeria and killed the restaurant manager and a steward. Thirteen staff and customers were seriously injured.

Meanwhile Boko Haram and chadium army was in a fierce battle near the town of Dikwa were “several” militants and two chadium soldiers were killed. Boko Haram leader released a video that said his fighter would out last the multi-national offensive.

Boko Haram leader also stated that the insurgents had free their brother in arm during a weekend raid in the city of Gombe.

There has been an unrest and there has been an antagonists toward the government forces unrelated to Boko Haram in Southern Nigeria Rivers were a police was killed and four was injured. A news reporter was stabbed which was covering the story. A political motive was likely because tension is running high between the Jonathan Ruing Peoples Democratic Party and the main opposition which is the All Progressive Congress.
What Boko Haram is doing are religious extremists because they have strict interpretation of their faith and tradition and they are willing to use force to enforce theirs ideas. Boko leader stated “This election will not be held even if we were dead”. They don’t believe in voting in election, so that’s way there have been incidence of suicide bombers to disrupt the election. Boko Haram is so much of religious extremists that they go to great length to kill people who reject their belief and try to resist them. They had two suicide bombers that in two incident that kill 38 people. So in this article Boko Haram is using anything they can to exert their religious belief on groups of people.

Tempris McCollum
8:50 pm

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