Friday, February 27, 2015

The Big Mystery

The Big Mystery

There is a big mystery concerning Ebola in West Africa.No one is sure what is the cause of the event. More of the Ebola patients in West Africa is surviving and don’t nobody know why. Dr. Gills share that “the reasons are really unclear”.
Doctors Without Borders also known by their French name Médeains San Frontiéres noticed the unexpected change in survival rates.  Doctors Without Borders cared for more Ebola patients in West Africa than any other organization. The organization Doctors Without Borders have ran twenty two Ebola centers in the past.It use to be a rumor if you were admited into a Ebola Clinic you were died, but now that rumor is faded due to the increase in survivals.
The intravenous hydration,nursing attention and care from staff have increase due to more time available. The factors previously mention does not explain the whole cause concerning the increase of Ebola survivals. Patients seem to have less of the Ebola virus in their blood than in the past;about half of the Ebola virus loads have dropped. Dr. Van Cutsem share that when the load drop the chances of survival rises. Although viruses multiply in the body quickly the immune system can handle smaller loads of a virus than larger loads.
Automatically it was assumed that the patients were seeking help earlier than in the past. When the Ebola patients where interviewed it was revealed that the time a patient seen the signs of Ebola symptoms and seeked help stayed constant. So seeking help earlier is not the answer to the mystery.
There are two hypothesis that the doctors came up with. The first hypothesis is that West Africans have became fearful of Ebola and is being more cautious. The residents of West Africa might be wearing gloves when they bury the dead bodies of individuals that had Ebola since it’s known that the virus might still be contagious even when died. The residents also could be using more precautions when caring for sick relatives. The second hypothesis is that the virus has mutated over time to be less harmful, but there has been no genetic evidence. Don’t nobody understand the big mystery right now, but it seem to be going in a positive direction concerning eradicating Ebola.

Analysis: This event concerning Ebola really shocked me because it was more about survivals and not focused on the amount of deaths due to Ebola. I think the increase has more to do with the West Africans using precautions while interacting with the virus. I also think the increase has to do with the medical staff learning better effective ways to handle the Ebola virus because over time you learn more which could be useful. Maybe globalization played a role of more individuals being educated concerning Ebola. I wonder is this mystery the solution to the social problem (Ebola).

Ebony Barr
February 27, 2015
8:07 pm

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