Friday, February 06, 2015

The Spread of Ebola in West Africa

The Spread of Ebola in West Africa

Ebola is a infectious fetal disease who normal host is unknown at this present time. Some of the disease side effects are fever and internal bleeding. Since the spread of Ebola there has been a social change within the nation. Ebola has became a social problem because it has a great impact on society. Ebola is harmful to many people.The West African states who consist of the highest rates of Ebola is Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. In these areas nearly nine thousand people died due to Ebola. Sixty percent of the West African states population live below poverty. More than likely the social problem of poverty also affects the rise in Ebola.  This past week Ebola rates raised for the first time this year. In Guinea individuals with the Ebola fever has doubled this past week.  Some of the health cases were unknown previously. There has been fifty three Ebola cases this week.
Guinea government set  a sixty day target goal on January 10,2015  as a nation to eradicate the Ebola disease, but it does not seem like this goal will be accomplish during their selected time.Globalization is occurring as ideas spread around the world on strategies to alleviate Ebola.Some of the residents and observers is not surprise about this situation because of the inhabitants mistrust of health authorities and the social problem of violence occurring. This mistrust produce consequences because some people are not able to be treated. Where the first cases of Ebola was recorded in the South and  Western forest of Guinea health officials was not able to enter due to violence. Violence was also an obstacle in the capital of Guinea Conakry .Some of the West African citizens chooses to utilize traditional rituals for healing. The people is also influenced by general misinformation about the disease. It seems that of some of West Africa areas is experiencing cultural lag concerning the disease which is normal.

Analysis: Since there has been such a significant rise in Ebola this week I also do not think the disease will be eradicated by the target date. I do think the disease will be eradicated someday since it has became a social problem and caught more people attention around the world. Globalization is occurring because people from all around the world is trying to assist with the problem in different ways. I don't blame the inhabitant having mistrust of health authorities because it can be confusing and uncomfortable receiving services from strangers or others. The inhabitants might also have had bad past experiences with health authorities that is unknown to me. Due to the mistrust there are some consequences people are not getting treated and the disease rate is rising.

Ebony Barr, Health and disease
February 6, 2015
2:15 pm

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