Friday, March 27, 2015

Activist Launch Campaign to Fight Power of Richest 1%


This article is about the different groups getting together to protest against the top one percent that controls the wealth of the world. Some of these activists include ActionAid, Greenpeace, Oxfam and Civicus. They have launched several campaigns that call attention to the negative impact the inequality is having on the global poverty, and even so far as the global environment. The campaigns continue to state that corporations and the wealthy individuals take advantage of different tax evasion and loopholes in order to avoid paying taxes. Along with these ideas, the new campaign focus on the power held by the top one percent. The activists state that if we want to end poverty and the impacts of mitigation on climate change, that balance of the power has to shift away from the small group that is the elites. Before the meetings, the leaders of the four organizations released a statement stating that they believe as long as they are working together, change can occur.


At the beginning of the article, a quote by Oxfam Executive Director Winnie Byanyima states “We need a world where people do not have to live in fear of the economic repercussions of getting sick, or losing their home or job. Where every child gets to fulfill their potential. Where corporations pay their fair share of taxes and work for the good of the majority, not just their shareholders. Where the planet is preserved and sustained for our children and their children’s children.” I believe that this quote really shows what is starting to become of this world. The fact that some people are so unsure of where their next meal will come from verses the fact that others are able to order the top quality food and have very little worry about it. This inequality is almost blinding to the average eye, however, it is not seen correctly by those who actually have the wealth and power to help.

Elizabeth Causby
Friday March 27, 2015 

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