Thursday, March 26, 2015

Attack on Citizens in Nigeria

                                  Nigeria: At least 1000 civilians dead since January 
Since January, at least 1,000 civilians have been found dead in Nigeria. The attacks are coming from the Islamist group called Boko Haram. There has been eye witness reporting of this group coming in to villages attacking and abducting the civilians. The Boko Haram have seized and are now incontrol of 17 villages. The Nigerian government needs to work on providing better protection for their citizens because each week there are more and more abuses against the civilians. The Boko Haram go into a village killing and burning down buildings while abducting women and children. Many of these women and child are forced into marriage, raped, or become victims of other abuses. Boy are forced to join the Boko Haram or face death. hundreds of thousands of civilians have had to flee do to force or in fear for their lives.
Schools have been taken over by Nigerian government forces cause the Boko Haram to target these schools. The soldier damage the schools and interfere with the education of thousands of children. These same forces attacked and burned down the village of Mundu which was near a Boko Haram base but the Boko Haram were not in the village during the attack. This left 5 civilians dead and 70 homeless.  The Nigerian forces did not provide appropriate protection for the civilian population during military actions.
There are places all over the world that are forcefully getting taken over by a single group leaving thousands dead. It is a governments responsibility to protect its citizens from harm. These civilians should not be afraid of their own governments army.

Eliana Berger

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