Friday, March 06, 2015

Blog #4: As World Moves on, MH370 Families Find Solace in Each Other

This article is about the families of flight MH370. It talks about how even though the world is moving on from the disappearing flight issue, they are still seeking answers. About two-hundred and thirty nine families were affected by this event on March, 8th of 2014 and it is now getting close to the one year anniversary of the tragedy. Although this event is continuing to be pushed into the memory of world history, families are still devastated and facing the effects daily of not having their loved ones. The main problem that is still of concern with most families is the fact that they are still completely unaware of what happened and whether or not their family members are alive or deceased. These families found it problematic that the Malaysian government's pronouncement that the passengers surely have been lost in the ocean. With claims like these and the weariness of if the search will continue, families are finding innovative ways to cope with the event. As coping strategies families are continuing to make efforts to stay connected with other affected families, to protest, demand answers, and rely on faith and praying.

Considering that we live in an extremely technologically advanced world now, we would not expect to run into huge issues like a flight full of passengers disappearing. Unfortunately this is reality. This event has terribly devastated families and separated them from their loved ones. As time goes by, things and events that once received a lot of attention, tend to fade out of media coverage and become less and less important in the world's eyes. This is problematic because although these issues are fading out of media they are still really big current issues to those involved and affected by them. The statement made by the Malaysian government showcases how in this situation, time caused the government to come up with an explanation as a means to move on even though it is not routed in any evidence. It is very important that we as a world society find balance in shedding light upon new, recent issues and past events that are still current issues. When we make the importance of these issues just a memory we forget the implications this has on the families in the crossfire. In terms of the protesting and demanding some of the families are participating in, they are demonstrating agency and resistance to letting the world neglect an issue near and dear to their hearts. 

Indya Perry
3/6/15 @ 10:56PM

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