Friday, March 06, 2015

Blog 4: Islamic State detroys Nimrud

          The Islamic State ransacked the town of Nimrud, Iraq last week.  Nimrud is considered a world heritage site. Nimrud was the long time capital of the Assyrian empire. Many fear that the Islamic State is trying to erase history to create their own, new history in its place. Islamic State leaders claim the statues have to be destroyed because they represent idols and are put before God/Allah. The Islamic State used bulldozers and other heavy vehicles.  Mohammad Chaar is a Syrian Journalist and he describes the Islamic State as “ imperialist Muslims that want people with no memory, with no history, with no culture, no past, no future”. That opinion is very plausible as motive for destroying ancient historical landmarks.  It is quite scary to think about any group of individuals purposely destroying artifacts that have lasted thousands of years. The destruction speaks to the length of the Islamic State’s plans for mass control.  The Taliban did similar things back in the early 2000’s. The Islamic State however is intent on doing whatever it can to revolt against mainstream civilization and groups have called on the United Nations Security Council to step in.  

Christopher Eakes
10:20 PM

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