Thursday, March 05, 2015

Blog #4: North Korea Denounces UN Criticism of Its Human Rights Record

Ri Su Yong, North Korea’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, denounced criticism of Pyongyang’s human rights record on Tuesday. A U.N. report had detailed abuses including mass starvation and forced abortions. Yong also stated that the United States is engaged in a “human rights racket.” The panel that had stated all of these reports, interviewed hundreds of defectors (someone who gives up allegiance to one state in exchange for allegiance to another) and warned Kim Jong Un that he could be held accountable. These reports were then referred to the International Criminal Court. Yong stated that the defectors were “scum of mankind” and that “cooking up the report of the commission of inquiry based on lies of a few such criminals is itself a misdeed.” The U.N. official in charge of the investigation is standing by the findings of widespread abuse.
            On my last blog, I talked about an article that had testimonies from former North Korean workers who stated that they worked long hours and did not see any money for their hard work. With how many people are coming forward to complain about the human rights violations in North Korea, I think it would be hard to make it up. Therefore, Ri Su Yong and Kim Jong Un can not possibly believe that they are not violating human rights. Kim Jong Un needs to be held accountable for his actions, as well as anyone else who has known and contributed to these violations. Hopefully conditions will improve for the North Koreans.

Emily Burris

4:25 pm

March 5th, 2015

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