Sunday, March 01, 2015

Blog #4 Revised Asylum in Australia

Maggie Neas
Soc 202-01

Ranil Wickremesinghe, Colombo's Prime Minister reported that Tony Abbot, Australia's Prime Minister made a deal with Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa, in return for blocking asylum seekers headed for Australia as long as they kept quiet about alleged abuse. The deal was carried out by people under the Rajapaksa regime, they made it almost impossible to leave the country. In 2013 Australia sent asylum seekers to camps in islands Manus and Nauru, both belonging to Papua New Guinea. The new prime minister Wickremesinghe urges surrounding countries to be more proactive in stepping in when human rights issues are at hand, referring to the 40,000 Tamil civilians that were killed in 2009 under Rajapaska. To deny those seeking asylum is principally against what the term is recognized as and for. The UN is created for peace and alliance between countries which seems to have failed in recognizing human rights issues, or rather their ability to intervene. The International Human Right’s law although not truly a law is recognized as a political obligation of nations to do their best to promote and maintain basic human rights, to recognize when there is such violation.

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