Friday, March 06, 2015

Blog 4

A Catholic Reverend Roland Colhoun of Durmsum Ireland laid claims that yoga is a form of Satanism and that it is inviting evil spirits to sit upon you head. He claims that the church fines that the new age movement has many important and useful parts to it but they are dangerous in that they enact certain practices that are seen as profane such as the unknowingly calling dark spirits upon your head due to the Indian head massage. Hindu statesman, Rajan Zed and other high racking officials within Hinduism are calling upon the Pope to repairman this Reverend Colhoun basing that yoga is a practice of releasing negativity from the boy and also brought up an interesting point about the Vatican having yoga related books within their library. 

            The mean reason this is religious diversity is because the Hindu officials are being called Satanist based solely on the fact that they take part in a practice that is sacred to their beliefs. The Reverend made his statement within his church house. The Reverend has the right to speech whatever he feels is inspired by God within the four walls of his church but the second he brings his message out to the public he has to be careful. Not everyone holds the same beliefs as the Reverend or the Hindus but the Reverend has been received as a bigot against the Hindu faith. Now I believe that both faiths are instruments of good within the world but by attacking one another instead of standing side by side and helping others no matter what the individual chooses to believe in then evil is winning. The Reverend made mention of studies being performed by experts on behalf of the Catholic Church so I would hold judgment till the facts are in.

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