Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog #5 The Challenge of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Globally, international aid programs are referring to the Syrian refugee crisis as the worst in the world. 12 million are impacted by the conflict leaving 7.6 people displaced inside the country and 3 million displaced in surrounding countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Turkey. Those trying to help are left with questions of how, where, and what do the refugees need. The weather is also an element against providing aid, it adds another layer of what is needed to combat the cold, three Syrians were found dead in Lebanon due to the weather. Refugees have a taxing presence on their host countries as well, many countries are barely equip to give medical help to it's own citizens yet the large influx that are now seeking help. Grisgraber, in a senior position at Refugee International, explains that her group does not provide monetary and physical relief for the refugees but does research on conditions where refugees are, determining what would be most helpful where for bigger aid organizations. She says however, access is the biggest issue because gunfire is unpredictable and the situation could change quickly. It seems to be an unending quest to determine what aid is necessary, and truly effective. Some aid programs just use monetary relief, they give refugees money to help, this allows them to have a more independent way of providing for their family, it also goes into the host countries economy which is strained. Deciding what is best for refugees from humanitarian organizations, is a difficult position, the goal is to provide the most accurately you can, but often there are mishaps. Refugee International is a brilliant idea, and even without monetary contributions they have the potential to be the biggest help. 

Maggie Neas
11:27 am

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