Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog 5: IS claims attacks in Yemen

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for attacks on two mosques in Sanaa, Yemen.  The attacks which were carried out by four suicide bombers is said to have killed at least one hundred and twenty-six people. If the Islamic State was responsible for the attacks it would be the first IS attack in Yemen. Currently the only information connecting the Islamic State to the attack is statements on twitter accounts. Sanaa is controlled by the Shia led Houthi rebel movement which has had problems with other groups with power like Al-Qaeda. Witnesses of the Badr mosque attack claim that the bombers worked in two man teams. One was responsible for walking inside and setting off explosives while the second member was waiting on those who survived to run out of the gates.  The second mosque attack at the al-Hashoosh mosque was executed the same way. There was a fifth suicide bomber that attempted bombing another mosque but he was the only one killed.  The White House has yet to lay blame on the Islamic State or any of its affiliates.  Al-Qaeda denied the attacks arguing they would not attack mosques or markets.  It shows how far the Islamic State (if responsible) has isolated itself from its Islamic identity. The group is showing behavior that seems to indicate that they are very different from other Islamic terrorist groups.  Control is shown to be more important than religious control. Personally, The Islamic State is better classified as a global terrorist than a terrorist group based on Islam.

Christopher Blake Eakes
March 20, 2015
7:45 PM

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