Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog #5: Yemen: Bombs kill 120 at mosques; ISIS purportedly lays claim

 Two mosques were attacked today, killing a total of 120 people, and injuring more than 300 others.  The attack was orchestrated by Shiite rebels, whom recently taken control over Yemen’s capital Sanaa. Suicide bombings started inside the buildings, followed by a separate attack outside the mosque. The outside explosion was another suicide bombing that occurred in a car. This explosion was intended to kill all of the people who escaped the initial bombing.The two mosques in Sanaa served members of the Zaidi sect of Shiite Islam. T he Shiite rebels are opposed not only by Hadi supporters and Sunni Muslim tribes, but also the Sunni Muslim terror group al Qaeda. This attack came two months after “Houthis”, which is an ongoing  battle between most of Sunnis and the central government, that has been going on for the past decade.The Houthis hold sway in the nation's north but have less influence elsewhere. They took control of military forces stationed near Sanaa, including the air force.The explosions also came a day after a deady fight began between Houthi-controlled forces, and military forces that remain loyal to Hadi.  The Houthi takeover of Sanaa stunned governments of Western nations, including the United States, which had a long relationship with Yemen's leader, working with the regime to target Al Qaeda members. The United States called Al Quada one of the most dangerous terror groups in the world, and with that beung said, the US along with most European and Persian Gulf countries suspended operations in their embassies this year after the Houthis took  assaults at Al Badr mosque and Al Hashoosh mosque in Sanaa.

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