Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blog #6: 13 Killed by Gunmen in Road Attack

On a road in eastern Afghanistan, gunmen attacked vehicles and took at least thirteen people off of a bus and shot them dead. A spokesman for the provincial governor of Wardak said that the attackers had targeted three vehicles. No group has claimed responsibility of the attack at this point. Thirteen people, including a woman, were taken off of a bus, which was on the highway between Kabul and Kandahar, and shot dead by masked gunmen. One news agency reported that two others were critically injured. The deputy governor of the neighbouring Ghanzi province told another news agency that the gunmen picked their victims and shot them one by one. The Taliban, which controls much of the countryside in the area, have denied involvement and said in a statement that they would try to find the attackers. There have been unconfirmed reports of Islamic State fighters activity in Wardak and the surrounding area and the Afghan government now is not denying the threat it faces from IS. Foreign troops ended their combat role in Afghanistan in December but troops are staying to in the country to support the Afghan military. The president of Afghanistan, Ghani, is to talk to President Obama and it is expected that Mr. Ghani will ask that the US military slow its exit from Afghanistan. Just last month, 31 passengers were abducted off of a bus that was on the same highway and they have not been seen since.

Security patrols should be increased in the area in order to prevent any future attacks. The article also stated that the original plan for the US military was to cut the remaining 9,900 troops to 5,500 by the end of the year. It was be a good move to leave the troops because it would increase Afghanistan’s strength for peace and it could make it so the US military does not have to go back and could better the relationship between the US and Afghanistan. 

Bethany Shaffer
4:35 p.m.

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