Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog 6: An iPhone for people who hate Apple

The ongoing battle for top phone supremacy continues in 2015. Apple users and Android users, specifically Samsung users, battle head to head everyday to promote their brands and win over the crowd. This go around is different between the same brands because their current generation of phones are identical. As a current iPhone 6 user, I'm against androids mainly because I've had multiple in the past and they did not measure up to Apple in my eyes. Samsung is trying to make up for this by creating the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is similar to the iPhone 6. The newest member to the galaxy family now has curved edges, a pushed out rear camera, a fingerprint scanner and more iPhone like features. The company even took way their signature Galaxy features such as a removable battery, additional storage and waterproofing. Does this sound familiar? It does because the iPhone carries the same design and the same features. This takes away from the Galaxy line because everything that Samsung built the Galaxy up to be is gone. For users that like the iPhone features and looks but would never get one, they may like this new Galaxy S6. What matters is what is on the inside right? The internal phone feature don't disappoint on this new phone. The Galaxy tricks that these users have grown to love are back and still here to stay. I believe that the public will love the new Galaxy because it has the best of both worlds. It was the look of an Apple iPhone but still has the internal features of your favorite Samsung device. This new device may sway some of the crowd to make a switch from the iPhone to the Galaxy. As for Apple, I believe that it depends on if they release the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7 what they're game plan will be. If the 6S is released then they will see how it will fare against the S6 before redesigning the next phone. If they release the 7, Apple already has a great game plan that will shake the world and let them know what phone is on top.

Shane Otchere
March 27th, 2015
5:05 PM

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