Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blog #6: Justice No.2: Nisman could have been killed


After more than two months after Alberto Nisman's death, Justice Secretary Julian Alvarez stated yesterday that he does not think that suicide is a viable explanation for his death. In a statement he stated that there are three hypotheses with this case, suicide, induced suicide or murder. "It is very difficult, as a government official to put a hypothesis forward. It is irresponsible. Personally, at this time of such a debate, with the widow's investigation still going on, it is very difficult. I would say that it was an induced suicide or that he was murdered." He said. Sandra Arroyo Salgado, Nisman's ex-wife who is San Isidro Federal Judge, has insisted from the outset that she does not believe that Nisman had committed suicide backing this up with a forensic report drafted by her investigators. On the other hand, Security Secretary Sergio Berni, is insisting that suicide was the most likely explanation for his death. Berni however, has also raised "eyebrows" for being present at the scene before Fein according to some witnesses but he has denied this and said that he had arrived at the simultaneously with the judge and the prosecutor. The thought of it being a suicide was also question by Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez who drew attention to Diego Lagomarsino an IT specialist who was part of the investigative unit. He has always recognized that fact that he met with Nisman on January 17 supplying the gun to him but he has denied that he had any involvement with his death. He was recently locked in a legal battle with Arroyo Salgado over the delays in the forensic testing of the late prosecutor's phone and laptop. According with Arroyo Salgado's forensic team suggests that Nisman was kneeling when the bullet that killed him entered his skull. There is also evidence that blood was being cleaned up in the bathroom where the body was found. This report is also timing the death to be on January 17 instead of the 18th which according to Ms. Fernandez, Lagomarsino should be worried because the report is placing him on the scene on the 17th.


Something has finally came out in what they think happened with Nismans death. I would have to say that this has taken such a long time to come out in public. Now if its true or not, not sure but the fact that people have the thought in that his death could have been suicide to me I just find it a bit too weird. I mean lets be honest why would someone say something so powerful and then commit suicide? Does that make not at all. I do think that either someone killed him or someone forced him to kill himself. If the facts said in this article are true, then it is leading more in to Mr. Lagomarsino having something to do with his death or knowing something about his death. I am interested in hearing more on the evidence that they have and to hearing more on what conclusion that came with on what really happening to Nisman. With the amount of time this whole situation is taking it really makes me believe that someone powerful is hiding something or influencing for things to be kept away from the public so that this could possibly end up like a cold case.

Alexandra Palma


10:05 pm

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