Friday, March 27, 2015

Blog #6, The (mostly) invisible killer

             With such a gripping title, I am sure you are dying to find out what people are (mostly) blind of. The answer is the most basic of human needs in order to live functioning and healthy lives. The air we breathe everyday through perhaps our most vital of involuntary habits is becoming threatened. It is no surprise that the air around cities is tainted with the particles and gaseous elements of pollution, but now we can see that it is getting worse. For countries that were underdeveloped, a lack of industry and cars have prevented the emissions from being spread into the atmosphere. There are many countries and areas such as parts of Africa and Asia that are experiencing economic growth. That is in most aspects advantageous, yet with the arrival of industrial factories and motor transport there is a rise air pollution. In an article published by Stanford Medical there is a link between air pollution and anxiety. The research at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University found a link between exposure to particulate pollution and the symptoms of anxiety. This is in addition to the connection with stroke, and other pulmonary system disease. It has also been suggested to cause low birth weight, diabetes and pre-term birth. At the cost of how our society, as well as the majority of the developed world treats our natural resources, we are worsening the conditions needed for vital health. It is becoming such public health concern that the World Health Origination has referred to it as the leading cause of pre-mature death in the world. It seems that every way that humans can neglect the environment, we do in pursuit for leisure and riches. With a technologically advancing world of human beings there is chance that we can create ways of eliminating the unattractive features of industrial advances, or we can continue to ignore the facts and follow the road to ultimate destruction.

Alex Rogers, 3/27/15, 6:05 pm

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