Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blog 6: Regime strike in Deraa kills 22, rebels press Idlib offensive

           Syrian has been struck with a lot of violence lately. On Thursday twenty two people were killed by an airstrike in the countries South. Three children, an opposition activist and a monitoring group were killed. Also a barrel bomb struck the area of Deraa al-Balad in the city of Deraa. This bomb also killed a number of innocent citizens. These attacks came in southern Syria between government forces and rebels who seized the nearby historic site of Busra al-Sham the day before. Busra al-Sham was in the hands of President Bashar Assad’s troops throughout the conflict. Heavy fighting raged around Idlib in northwestern Syria Thursday as rebels continued with their attacks against the government stronghold. According to the Observatory the rebels have seized at least 17 checkpoints and military outposts from pro-Assad troops during clashes that have cost at least 71 lives.  
              There has been a tremendous number of other bombings, clashes and acts of violence all together. For example clashes between regime troops and their allies and rebel groups were reported in the city of Aleppo and in the north of the city. Regime aircraft pounded the eastern city of Deir al-Zor with at least 14 airstrikes targeting ISIS. In recent days ISIS militants have stepped their attacks on the military airport. A car bomb also targeted the city of Hassakeh killing at least one Kurdish policeman. There was also another city car bomb last week that killed fifty  people in an attack claimed by ISIS. All of the violence that is taking place across Syria and surrounding areas is unfair to their citizens. These violent groups don’t care who they kill and its sad that they have to live in those conditions.

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