Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog Post 5

This week IS claims responsibility for 3 suicide bombings that occurred in Yemen. There was a reported 142 individuals killed from these bombings, with hundreds more wounded. This attack marks the single most violent terrorist plot to occur on Yemen soil in recent history. It is uncertain exactly why the attacks were initiated, but speculation suggests that IS is attempting to seize majority control of Yemen through fear. Al-Qaeda is the main group of opposition in the region as they attempt to maintain their control, IS is moving  in on their territory, and some believe these attacks are a precursor to more violence to come in attempt to seize control from Al-Qaeda. This news is troubling news not only because 142 people were murdered, but because this signifies exactly how unstable Yemen has become since the 2012 ousting of Alli Abdullah. If this region continues to spiral out of control, the situation could start to mimic that of Iraq and Somalia. Foreign Powers may find themselves with more threats that may require expensive operations up to and including combat troops on the ground. The situation needs to be monitored very carefully as the U.S. drone strikes in this region don't seem to be doing as much good as hoped. Terrorism has become an increasing issue as different extremist organizations such as IS and Al-Qaeda continue to fight for control of the middle east and its religious regions. Not much that has been done thus far has had an endearing impact, and although there has been good intentions in sending troops and aid to this region of the world, there isn't a whole lot to show for it. Hopefully the situation in Yemen can be stabilized, and more war can be avoided. The last thing anybody wants is an organized turf war such as is taking place in Iraq.

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