Friday, March 06, 2015

Blog#4: Indonesia Envisions More Religion in Schools

Millions of children in Indonesian elementary schools may no longer have separate science classes starting in June, which is the beginning of their next school year. If approved by the government there would be a curriculum overhaul that would merge science and social studies with other classes. This would allow more time for religious education. The proposal was posted online in November and December for public comment. Once the feedback is analyzed a team of experts shortly to develop new lesson plans. Ibnu Hamid, an Education Ministry spokesman, said that the feedback showed that people generally agreed with the curriculum changes but were concerned that there would not be enough time to train teachers and prepare new textbooks. The officials who backed the changes say that more religious instruction is needed because a lack of moral development has led to an increase in violence and vandalism among youths, and that could fuel social unrest and corruption in the future. Musliar Kasim believed that not too many students had character, tolerance for others, as well as empathy for others. Mr. Hamid said that the aim was to create a “balance between attitude, skills and knowledge.”

I believe that religion indeed is important to teach however, I feel like they children once a certain age should be able to choose the religion he/she prefers. Another problem I have with the thought of merging science and social studies with other subjects to make room for more religious education is bizarre. I think that all subjects are important and can be applied to in your everyday life. So it is very important to allow equal amounts of time for all subjects.

Candace Burton
7:33 pm

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