Friday, March 06, 2015

Blog #4 Islamic State militants bulldoze ancient Nimrud ruins as idolatrous

ISIS fighters have taken over, looted, and demolished the Assyrian city of Nimrud as part of an ongoing series of assaults on historical and cultural sites. The fighters do this as the dismiss the country's pre-islamic history as idolatrous. UNESCO has declared the actions ISIS has been taking as a "cultural cleansing" and a war crime. Fortunately many of the statues and major pieces were removed from the ruins a while ago by archaeologists. The actions have been compared to the Taliban's destruction of Afghanistan's giant Bamiyan Buddhu statues in 2001. The assault on Nimrud has taken place roughly a week after ISIS fighters went into a Mosul museum and destroyed many priceless artifacts. This is simply the latest in a series of attempts to cleans the history of Iraq away.

I find acts like this to be absolutely unforgivable and it makes me question why many of the neighboring nations have waited this long to remove what is obviously a destructive force to both Muslims and non-Muslims. It's a damn shame that such precious and priceless artifacts of history are being allowed to be destroyed to fit the view point and will of an extremist, terrorist, faction.


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